Regardless of your current financial state, or how much you’re making today, following the Income Builder program can help turn you into a wealth-generating real estate investor. Use this site for courses, useful blog posts, worksheets, and resources to attain the prosperity you’ve always wanted.


Luke breaks down his strategies to evolve you from financially disorganized to a lean, mean deal making machine.


It seems that everywhere you look, you can find a way to “get rich.” Whether that’s the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books and lectures, multi-level marketing, or the like.

Luke Harrison offers the story of a normal guy who went from being over his head with a high amount of debt and a poor credit score, to having over one million in assets in five years.

He did it by giving himself a thorough education when it comes to money and how to generate capital.

He’s now sharing his methods with the general public in the form of online lectures, in person seminars, one-on-one investment training, and helping his students make their first deals under the Income Builders moniker.

Be sure to check out his blog, which outlines thoughts, educational opportunities, success stories, and methodologies which you can use in your life right now to start on your journey to having $1 million in assets.


Meet Luke


Luke Harrison found himself living in Bellevue WA, playing the corporate rat race game, and feeling that his goals and aspirations seemed as far away as ever. With his family’s third child on the way, he realized that he was never going to get ahead and be able to provide the lifestyle for his family that he’d always envisioned without making some serious adjustments.

Behind on bills, mortgage, with credit card debt racking up, Luke decided that it was time to change his life. He began the process of increasing his financial literacy through books, online courses, and studying the wealthy.

He observed that one thing that all wealthy people have is real estate, and he realized that working real estate was the single most important aspect in building and maintaining wealth.

Through trial and error, Luke has developed a methodology which he has used himself to go from being in debt with a low credit score, to working real estate deals to build capital and create recurring income.

A serial entrepreneur, Luke has decided to make both his methods and himself available to a select group of students in the Pacific Northwest.