The Income Builders Program

Our program is based upon the process that founder Luke Harrison used to evolve from having a negative net worth, to owning multiple properties and generating income streams from businesses, houses, and investments.

Anyone can do this!

The Income Builders platform is built into a 3 phase series.

3 Phases

  1. Managing your own budget and changing your relationship to money

  2. Saving for and finding a viable property for a flip

  3. Executing a flip, and growing your portfolio

Phase 1 is free. It is required to get into phase 2 which is a paid course costing $55, in which Luke outlines his strategies for preparing to buy a property to flip, locating the property, and setting up the deal.

Phase 3 is also a paid course, where he will outline the execution of a flip, how to finish, and move forward with the process and grow your portfolio.

This program requires work on the part of the student. It’s not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. If you can put in the work, learn to be disciplined, and have the desire, this course will help you grow your wealth and develop many income streams.