About Luke Harrison and Income Builders

Luke was living the American dream that most people can relate to. A steady 9-5 job in a major metropolitan area, nice cars, a big house, a great wife and nice kids. The only problem was, all of this was a facade created through debt.

With the average American holding approximately $140,000 in debt, and the median income slightly below $60,000 per year, many (if not most) people can agree that generating wealth seems like a dream moving further and further away each day.

Luke decided that was not going to be his fate - he spent countless hours consuming information on financial theory, wealth management, the mentality and activities of the supremely wealthy (such as Warren Buffett), and he then made some hard choices.

He got rid of his expensive house. He went on a multi-year budget tightening crusade, he paid off his debt, and then he turned towards re-investing.

Today, a serial entrepreneur, Luke has holdings in multiple businesses, runs a house flipping operation (similar to Tarek and Christina El Moussa) complete with his own crew, and sends his kids to private school.

He’s not flashy, but he’s managed to build a small empire using nothing but the techniques he is presenting in his course work.

The goal of income builders is to develop similar entrepreneurs and to expand his practices throughout the United States and beyond.